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Under the Hat-One to Leave Alone

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The following is an open letter to both Democrats and Republicans in Harrisburg.

Dear Political Folks,

There’s no doubt that you live in a bare knuckle world, a place where it is not good enough to just succeed unless you see the other side of the aisle fail.

It doesn’t matter the subject, the process is still the same; the environment or taxes or health care.

Grind the other guy down then tout why you are smarter and more concerned about the well-being of the serfs in your care.

You all have done it for so long that it just becomes a way of life; a horse that only knows the one well-worn way back to the barn.

I’d like to suggest a new path that might work for you when the subject should just be left out of the daily political fray.

The most recent example is Attorney General Kathleen Kane, a democrat, suggesting if not outright charging that Governor Tom Corbett, a republican, might have delayed the investigation into the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal for political reasons when he was Attorney General.

It was a charge in which the report ultimately found no direct evidence, but the fact that the process and the report went public in an election year sure makes it look like politics were a factor on one side in an effort to prove that politics were a factor on the other side.

I know that’s business as usual in a town like Harrisburg, but folks, this case isn’t business as usual.

At the core of this are as many as a dozen families dealing with a loved one abused as a child, a terrible and sensitive subject that deserves more than being treated like a political football.

So how about this? Every once in a while, when the subject is serious enough, leave it alone.  Take the high road. Would it have made that much difference to release the report in another five months when the election is over?

Couldn't republican leaders have backed off all the criticism aimed at Kane by citing the sensitivity of the issue?

Those families deserve better, and you know what?

As voters, we do too.

Thanks for listening,

Scott Bremner

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