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Banding Canada Geese

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Every year in late June, Pennsylvania Game Commission teams fan out across the state to band Canada Geese. It is done this time of year because the birds are molting and temporarily lose the ability to fly.
 In Clarion County today, canoeists and kayakers rounded up about 50 geese in the Allegheny River.
 The birds were pushed ashore where member of the team, aided by volunteers, used sections of fence to make a pen so the geese could be banded.
 A small metal band is attached to each bird.
 The process helps the Game Commission learn more about the population and movement of the birds.
 Wildlife Biologist  Tim Hoppe said, "It is important for setting seasons and bag limits so we know we are harvesting the right number of birds." The banding is hot, dirty work. And members of the team all have scars.
 Longtime volunteer Cheryl Schnitzer said," You get bit. I wear welders sleeves to protect my arms. They do have claws. They do bite and they don't let go."
 Each year about 3,000 Canada Geese are banded around the state.
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