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Let the Kids Play

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    The controversy over the firing of head basketball coach Brian Schulz at General McLane reminds me of just how so called "adults" can get in the way of what high school sports is supposed to be all about.  I've witnessed many times over the years parents, coaches and administrators having their own agenda when it comes to the kids playing the game.  Remember, while coaches and administrators can be around for years, the kids only have this one shot at playing high school sports and what they experience during that one or two year period will be remembered for a lifetime.  And sometimes, that experience is ruined by egotistical parents and coaches, who, like I said, have their own agenda.  I'm not exactly sure why Schulz was not re-hired at McLane but I do know, from talking to the kids, that it's something they will not look back on fondly when their high school days are done.  Let them play, let them have fun, let them have good memories of what sports at the high school level is all about. 

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