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Erie Homicide Victim Identified

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A 20-year old man was shot and killed early Friday morning on Erie's east side.
Detectives are now trying to piece together just what happened.

It was in the 700 block of east 10th street, where the shooting victim was found shortly after 1:00 a.m. But police think he was shot a couple of blocks away, and may have ran through backyards, before he was found.

Erie police officers heard gun shots near 10th and Parade, just before 1:00 Friday morning.
While they canvassed the area, 911 got multiple calls for a man lying on the sidewalk in the 700 block of East 10th street.

The first officers on the scene arrived to the victim lying bleeding on the sidewalk, "Initial officers started first aid, the victim was conscious and alert and talking to officers, and upon Emergycare's arrival, we accompanied him to the hospital in the ambulance," said Erie's Deputy Police Chief DJ Fuhrman.

The victim is identified as 20-year old Travon Green.
The coroner has ruled his death a homicide due to a gunshot wound to the back.

Erie police say Green was conscious when they arrived, but won't say what information they were able to get from him.

Detectives have been interviewing witnesses, talking to neighbors, and gathering evidence.
Neighbors react to this deadly violence, "My window was open and I heard the gunshots," said Shawn Rickett. "All of a sudden I saw the blue and red lights flashing in my room. I got up, looked out the window, and the guy was laying on the ground with the police around him," Rickett added.

"I don't let them (her children)play outside," said Ashley Guyer. "I have a fenced in back yard and I don't let them play outside by themselves. And I rarely let them come out front anymore. Yeah me and my husband are definitely looking to get out of here as soon as possible," Guyer added.

Erie police are asking anybody in the neighborhood, that may have heard anything, or anybody who may know anything at all, to give them a call.
The detective's numbers are 870-1163/1205.

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