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Lebron Did It Right This Time

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    This time, there was no made-for-TV event to announce the decision. This time, there were no leaks or hype in the Lebron James camp.  This time, Lebron James did it right.  His decision to leave the Heat and rejoin the Cavs had basketball and sports fans around the world on the edge of their seats.  It many respects, it overshadowed the World Cup !!  I invite you to read the letter Lebron posted on si.com and his reasons for coming back.  It truly shows how he has matured over the last four years when he left Cleveland and the firestorm of criticism that followed him.  While he left to pursue money and championship rings in Miami, he is coming back to Cleveland for family and to lay a foundation for his future and his legacy.  You can see how important that is to him now.  This time, Lebron did it the right way and it was more than just about basketball. 

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