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Millcreek Supervisor Tells Senior Citizens: "JOY Center Will be Closed"

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A large crowd of senior citizens, once again, showed up for the weekly Millcreek supervisors meeting. They hope to convince the panel to keep the JOY Senior Center open. But, one supervisor today told the seniors they are basically wasting their time. He said the decision to close the center will not be changed.
Supervisor Rick Figaski was very blunt to the crowd of senior citizens. He reminded them that a unanimous vote by the supervisors had already taken place in May to close the JOY Center. And, he says,  the JOY Center will be closed next month.

Figaski told the seniors that he doesn't want to hear the same arguments that he's heard the past few weeks about keeping the center open. He told them that not enough seniors are using the center to account for the amount of money the township is providing to keep it open. He said the crowd should not blame the supervisors, they should blame their fellow senior citizens for not becoming members.  

Figaski said there is a silent majority of citizens in the township who are calling the supervisors telling them to close the center. He says these are things the senior citizens need to know before they decide to come back to the supervisors meetings to protest.

"They need to know the truth.   The truth is that the JOY Center is going to close.   It's going to close in late August.   This has been voted on.   It's not a maybe.   It's a done deal.   They deserve to hear what the truth really is from the people who made the decision," Figaski said.

One senior citizen, Marlowe Weum,  said he will not give up the fight to keep the center open.

"I will come back. I may not be speaking, but I will come back because this is important. It's important to me and it's important to a lot of other seniors," said Weum."

Figaski also blamed his former colleague, Joe Kujawa, who spearheaded the plans to open the JOY Center.  Figaski said Kujawa did not follow through with outside funding sources after Kujawa lost the November election.  Figaski says those funding sources are now lost.

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