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Safety Key Concern to Waterloo Plumber and Gas Installer

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Plus Plumbing provides the top 10 questions consumers must ask when hiring a plumber or gas installer in Ontario. According to Plus Plumbing and regulators the safety and security of your family depend on using a licensed TSSA professional and following code requirements.

Waterloo,Ontario, Canada – July 22, 2014

/PressCable/ — Safety and proper installation of plumbing and gas installations rank as one of the most important things that consumers can ask. Plumbers, gas installation and water heater professionals must be licensed and insured in order to protect the public from explosions,gas leaks and other calamaties according to Plus Plumbing’s Tim Rohrbacher.

Natural Gas barbecue installations done by unqualified suppliers are of concern to regulators like the Technical Safety and Standards Agency in Ontario. While there are no records of incidents, there is intrinsic risk associated with fuel-fired appliances, and BBQs are no exception. TSSA is obligated to ensure that assemblers are properly trained so the public can be confident that the BBQ they’re paying to have put together will be done right, and not put them or their families at risk. TSSA recognizes that the certificates prescribed by O. Reg. 215/01 require knowledge that goes well beyond what is required for the safe assembly of a gas-fueled barbecue

On account of this Waterloo Region Plus Plumbing published their new blog post today: The Top 10 Questions for your Plumber Gas Fitter . In this blog post they reveal Top 10 questions consumers should ask any plumber gas fitter when having them do plumbing, natural gas installations,natural gas barbecue hookups, or water heater installations.

It is intended to make consumers in Ontario aware of how to protect their homes and family members by only using licensed plumbers,gas installers to ensure safety and code compliance.

Waterloo Region Plus Plumbing owner Tim Rohrbacher says “many people struggle with really understanding the kind of questions they should ask thus do not get the full story” This blog post gives solid information that’s not usually shared openly in the plumbing and gas fitter industry.

The blog post is at

About Waterloo Region Plus Plumbing
Waterloo Region Plus Plumbing was founded in 1995 and serves the Waterloo region including Kitchener,Cambridge and Waterloo Ontario. It is known for Plumbing ,Natural gas installations, water heaters and other gas installations. Waterloo Region Plus Plumbing can be reached at 519-465-2697


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