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Handyman Louisville Web Site Launched Rent Handyman Web Site, Ranked and Ready to use.

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DK Technology Solutions LLC announces a new RENT-A-SERP service which allows a locate Handyman Louisville business to “rent” a web site already ranked with Google and other search engines. They love the design and SEO features in the Handyman Louisville web site.

Louisville, USA – July 22, 2014

/PressCable/ — DK Technology Solutions LLC (“DKTS”) announced today a new web site for Handyman Services in the Louisville Kentucky area and other surroundings counties. This is no ordinary web site. DKTS offers a new service that allows any business that provides Handyman services in the Louisville area the ability to “Rent” the site. The service is call RENT-A-SERP. This means the site is already ranked in the major search engines and the site can be rented on a monthly basis.

Http://besthandymanlouisville.com will allow a handyman business to “rent” the site and pay for the monthly rental right on the web site itself. DKTS says you can even do a 5 minute trial without a credit card. “This way you are able to see just how RENT-A SERP works without any commitment” says Founder and Owner of DKTS.

Owner Keith Henderson says there are two ways RENT-A-SERP can be use. First, a Handyman business without a web site can provide a logo and contact information and use the site as is. Or buyers may already have a nice web site, that’s great says Keith. RENT-A-SERP will allow the business to “overlay” their web site on top of Handyman Louisville. This way they can take advantage of the rankings but place their site in front of the potential customer looking for Handyman service.

Sales Manager, Graham Hendeson was qoted saying “.. because you can do the trial or just purchase directly from the web site, there is no need to speak with a sales person, or have to listen to some hard sell. Give the service a try. If you like the results, then you can order from the web site.”

Graham states “we have many very happy customers in other niches”. He goes on to say, the most common positive comment about the RENT-A-SERP business model is you never need to speak with anyone. The site is fully equipped to handle the setup and payment.

As a added bonus for rent Handyman Louisville RENT-A-SERP site, you get 4(four) videos that already are ranked on page one.

Graham Henderson said “…we have never had a service that provided such quick turn around value to our customers, I’m proud to be a part of our new RENT-A-SERP service..”.

Website: http://besthandymanlouisville.com

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