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HipLogiq Creates Lead Generation Tool for Businesses Offers Free Trial

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Technology marketing firm HipLogiq outlines the key benefits of lead generation using twitter marketing software for businesses nationwide.

Dallas, USA – July 22, 2014

/PressCable/ — HipLogiq Creates Lead Generation Tool for Businesses – Offers Free Trial

Dallas, Texas – According to a report by “Small Business Trends,” an estimated “72 percent of people who follow a business on Twitter are more likely to make a purchase from that business.” HipLogiq, a technology marketing firm that offers a tool designed to help businesses promote their offerings on the top ranked social network discussed the trend in a recent blog post. In the article, the company also details why use of software like Social Compass offers significant benefits to businesses in practically every industry.

A Lead Generating Leader of the Pack

Twitter is a major force for businesses when it comes to target marketing, according to the HipLogiq team. Macy English, the company’s Vice President of Business Development says, “For small businesses, simply having a Twitter presence can be everything. Millennials, the leading generation (or the generation with the most spending power), are highly active on social media outlets.”

Twitter is such a powerful marketing platform because of the way user engagement is facilitated on the network, the HipLogiq team suggests. Businesses are able to build direct relationships with prospects by engaging with them through posts that cater to their expressed wants or needs. Social Compass social listening app is a time saving tool that makes doing so possible with a large number of potential customers, because it is equipped to single out conversations that relate to one’s offerings from the more than 500 million Tweets sent each day.

HipLogiq currently has a trial offer available for businesses that would like to try software for free and experience the benefits the software can directly provide for their Twitter marketing efforts.

About HipLogiq – uses social media to re-create 1:1 marketing on a mass scale, creating relevant conversation at a time. To learn more visit http://www.hiplogiq.com/

Website: http://www.hiplogiq.com/

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