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UmekesPoke808 Publishes New Blog Post on Umekes Kailua-Kona Poke Bowls How Are They Created

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Umekes Kailua-Kona Poke Bowls are the most tastiest and healthy mysteries of the Hawaiian Food restaurants. Most people cannot even pronounce the word Poke (Po-Keh) however this healthy food trend is fast becoming a favorite with healthy foodies across the United States.

Kailua-Kona, United States – July 23, 2014

/PressCable/ — Umekes Poke 808 published their new blog post today: Umekes Kailua-Kona Poke Bowls Are Best Buys. This blog post reveals What ingredients go into creating the trendy foodies favorite Umekes Kailua-Kona Poke Bowls and What to look for when it comes to buying and creating Umekes Kailua-Kona Poke Bowls if you are looking to try to replicate this process at home and for those that don’t live in Hawaii.

Umekes Poke 808 owner Chef Nakoa Pabre says many people struggle with really understanding Umekes Kailua-Kona Poke Bowls How Are They Created and what really goes into the Poke Bowl. This blog post gives solid information that’s not usually shared openly in the Hawaiian Restaurants industry.

The blog post is at

About Umekes Poke 808

Umekes Poke 808 was founded in 2012 and serves the Hawaiian Restaurants industry. It is known for and it makes the most tastiest and beautiful Kailua-Kona Poke Bowls in all of Hawaii plus caters to many fine affairs and event functions. Chef Nakoa Pabre is well known as the Prince of Poke and or the Prince of Poke Bombs. Pabre has been the overall champion and holds the bragging rights as the Champion of Sam Choy’s Annual Poke Competition for 2013 and 2014. Umekes Poke Shop was recently featured on the Cooking Channel on the Food Network with G. Garvin and Chef Sam Choy. Chef Nakoa Pabre is really gifted when it comes to putting together new Poke recipes that really extend our palates and very experimental as well as very traditional and that is what makes Umekes Poke Bowls so unique and tasty.

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