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Under the Hat-Happy Erie

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Many of us spend our entire lives trying to unlock the secret of being happy. It’s so important that it was written into the founding thoughts of our nation; that this new country we were building would protect the rights to life, liberty and even the pursuit of being happy. But happiness is a moving target.

What makes my wife happy, like a clean house, holds limited appeal to me. And what made Scott happy in his 20’s is certainly a far different animal from what makes Scott happy today.

So it was something of self-fulfilling prophesy that many people here became unhappy to learn, that a survey from Harvard had listed Erie as the third unhappiest small city in the United States.

So much so that the tourism bureau VisitErie started a counter-campaign getting neighbors to go online to extol the virtues of why they are happy living in Erie.

It's a smart move.

Looking at the half-empty side of the glass long enough can grow into a real perception crisis if left unattended.

In fairness the majority of the cities that made the list are in the cold, northern states.

Few cities were listed from the south, southwest or west coast. Bad weather clearly affects our mood, and the Harvard researchers may have picked a bad year to collect data given the monstrous winter we just had.

I’m happy to tell you that I’m happy living in Erie.

The beaches are great, the sunsets historic and despite the headlines it’s mostly a safe place to live and raise kids. The people are hardworking and straight talking; in other words they are real and we’ve done hundreds of stories on those who will bend over backwards to help a neighbor in need.

And if it makes you happy to hear that, good, the more the better.

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