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CLP Board Pushes for Revitalization Plans

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Members of the new Conneaut Lake Park Board of Trustees are hoping to move forward with plans to revitalize the troubled park.

But, it appears they have a major hurdle to overcome before any work can begin.

"We're getting close to a tipping point,” said the board’s chairman Bill Bragg.  “Right now, we're spending Economic Progress Alliance money and we either have to go forward or stop."

On Wednesday, members of the four taxing bodies responsible for the park, met with the new board to discuss the current plans.

Under the long-range plan, the group plans to pay off $900,000 in back taxes in four years.

"We're hoping that a cooperative agreement will be made, and we can move forward with everyone on the same page." Said Bragg.

But the Crawford County Commissioners are trying to determine if they should put the park up for sheriff's sale.

"At this point, we haven't made a decision to go with the sheriff’s sale or go with the plan from the new park board,” said Crawford County Commissioner Francis Weiderspahn.  “But, it's currently on schedule for a tax sale at the end of September."

Many citizens are against the sheriff sale.

"I hope that they come up with an agreement that taxes can be paid that are covered,” said concerned citizen Tim Dye.  “And that the park is able to live on, and come back to life a little bit."

But others are in favor of it.

"I have children in the schools here, I'm a taxpayer, and I think it's just time to pay the taxes,” said Conneaut Lake resident Linda Piccirillo.  “If they want to build something in the park, go ahead, great.  If this group wants to come in and build it, pay the full price of the taxes first."

The sheriff sale vote is now scheduled for September 26, so Crawford County Commissioners have several weeks before they have to make a final decision.

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