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New Super Energy-Efficient LED Light, EVA Has Multiple Functionality

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LEDified is an Australian lighting company that is set to revolutionize the global lighting industry with its innovative new product EVA™. EVA™ is the product of an intensive years long project which combined the most popular features of LED downlights currently on the market as well as those being developed by LEDified. The new EVA™ downlight is a super energy efficient LED light which uses 10 Watts to produce between 800 and 850 Lumens, or it can be switched to a 5 Watt mode which generates between 400 and 425 Lumens. In addition to scalable brightness, EVA™ also sports many other delightful features which are sure to make it an enormous commercial success.

Among the most appealing features is a remote controller which allows EVA™ to be dimmed or brightened according to desire. The type of light produced can also be set; the light can be a soft warm 2700K light (similar to traditional incandescent bulbs) or to a crisp, bright 4000K light (like those found in many halogen bulbs). This elegant downlight fits most standard 90 mm or 70 mm light coves and comes with a variety of faceplate colors to match any home dcor. And unlike most halogen and incandescent lights, EVA™ uses cutting edge LED technology which ensures efficient use of power for up to 30 years of life.

LEDified is proud to announce that EVA™ will soon go into mass production but it is now offering consumers the opportunity to purchase EVA™ lights ahead of retail distribution. LEDified is sponsoring a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, which will allow financial contributors who pledge $50 or more to obtain one or more of the EVA™ lights and remotes. To learn more about EVA™ lights or to make a financial pledge, please visit

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Company Name: EVA™
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