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Googles YouTube Snaps Up Directr: A Video-Making App

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The acquisition of the video-making app Directr by YouTube makes sense. Directr is designed to make it easy for everyone to film, edit, and post videos to the YouTube website and its development team is excited about joining up in the video ads division of YouTube’s corporate headquarters. Here is what both avid YouTubers and newcomers have to look forward to:

Google plans to keep the Directr app free to its users and it will remain as a stand-alone app for the time being. This Funnel Vision is good news for the businesses who are already using it to post promotional videos and even better for new amateur videographers. In fact, at least for now, all the parts of Directr will be free.

YouTube has made it very easy for advertisers to share their ads by featuring short video ads before streaming videos requested by users. Even though video marketing is a very efficient way to promote a business, it is sometimes difficult for small business owners to create quality video content since they lack experience and knowledge in this field.

Directr, a Boston start up, decided to make video ads easier for small business owners. They developed an app that can be used to create a video ad and upload it to the Internet. Directr also offered marketing consulting services to small business owners.

Right now, this Funnel Vision is looking good for Android users. The word on the street is that Google will be expanding the reach of this app making it available to more users. Sign up now though, because it is possible that the free use may be restricted to commercial users. This makes sense since small businesses are driving quite a bit of the advertisement dollars on YouTube.

This magical triad of YouTube, Google, and Directr means that businesses will be able to put together great promotional videos on YouTube very easily with the Directr app and use the analytics from Google to find out how effective their video ad campaign is. Small businesses should be excited about this expanded opportunity and be prepared to unleash their creative sides. The big wonder is that that this hasn’t happened before.

With the power of video, small businesses have the potential to snag a more secure place on the Internet by utilizing Funnel Vision. Directr is already getting rave reviews and the hope is that it will continue be a powerhouse for small business.

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