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Whole Foods Co-op: Giving You the Business

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Erie's Whole Foods Co-op has been selling a wide variety of healthy, organic foods since 1978.

And it has been steadily growing over the year.

7600 members own the local store, a key difference between Whole Foods Co-op and most grocery stores.

Community Education Coordinator Christine Reed said, "We feel we are responsible for our member-owners. That is who we are making decisions for. So we keep their ideals in mind, say when we are pricing a new product for our shelves."

The store sells all kinds of items including traditional health food, beef and chicken raised with no hormones or antibiotics and lots of organic produce, much of it grown right in our region.

Reed said, "We're really starting to exploit local. We would like to be one of the area's main purveyors of local foods."

Over the years the store has grown substantially. Annuals says now total about $5.6 million.

Fifty-five employees work at the store.

Reed said, "Our staff is really educated and they are passionate about the products they sell."

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