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Almi Clerkin Announces Erie Mayoral Run

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Almi Clerkin running for mayor Almi Clerkin running for mayor

You can add another candidate to the list of democrats and republicans running to be the next mayor of the City of Erie. Almi Clerkin, executive director of the Erie Playhouse announced on Monday that she is running in the May 2017 democratic primary.

Clerkin launched her campaign, Almi for Erie, with a message posted on-line, and it's getting a lot of views already. In that message she told prospective voters that she has lived in downtown Erie for 50 years, and she believes she has the management and strategic planning skills to move the city forward.

In an interview with Erie News Now, Clerkin said her 25 years of work with the Erie Playhouse, one of the region's largest non-profit organizations, ten as executive director, have given her the skills to build partnerships and get things accomplished. "I believe my resume is good, so as a CEO of a non-profit organization, and a large non profit organization, I believe that I've done all the tasks and the planning and goal setting that a mayor would do for the community, so I think it's a natural move into that position," Clerkin said.

One of Clerkin's main goals will be to build partnerships, something that she has already done in the arts community. "Theater especially is not an art form that you do by yourself, so without your 1,500 volunteers a year, without your donors, without the 40-thousand people that make up your audience, without the strategic planning that you do, you would not have an organization like the Erie Playhouse," Almi said.

Clerkin believes that project management is one of her main strengths. She wants to use that to put into action the many long range plans Erie leaders have been crafting for years. "Every play is page to stage, so everything you do in the mayor's office is a plan and you make that into action, so I know that I will do that."

You can watch the video here:

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