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Erie's Next City Council Introduces Slate of Three Candidates

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Erie's Next City Council introduced its slate of three candidates who are joining forces in the race for city council. The announcement came Wednesday afternoon in Erie City Hall Council Chambers.

They include Liz Allen, John Reitinger and Kevin Otteni, who have all filed petitions to run for Erie City Council as democrats in the 2017 municipal election.

The three candidates have chosen to work together and with the incoming mayor to make sure the city takes action on the comprehensive plan, Erie Refocused, according to a news release.

Allen recently retired after spending 32 years as a reporter for the Erie Times-News. She is running to bring transparency and innovation to government, the group says.

Reitinger has served as a City of Erie code enforcement officer for 12 years. Erie's Next City Council says he is familiar with blight in the city and brings to the table experience as a business owner, landlord and city employee.

Otteni has worked as a chemist with LORD Corporation for the past 15 years. He actively serves as a United States Army Captain. As a candidate, he can contribute leadership experience, the news release says.

Joel Deuterman, CEO of Velocity Network, gave the opening remarks during the announcement.

Erie's Next City Council is being paid for by Erie Refocused PAC, according to a post on the group's Facebook page.

The slate of three candidates are among 18 democrats and one republican running for Erie City Council. Two are incumbents. You can see the complete, unofficial list of candidates here.

You can learn more about Erie's Next City Council through its website or on Facebook.

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