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School Board Candidates Speak Out After being Removed from Ballot

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Two candidates, who have been taken off the May primary ballot for Erie School Board, are now speaking out.

Democratic candidates Cynthia Muhammad and Tyler Titus recently had their names removed from the primary ballot, after their nomination petitions were challenged in court.

Darlene Feeney and Felix Lohitai also had their names removed from the Democratic ticket.

However, Feeney will still run as a Republican.

A judge ruled that all four candidates failed to properly file their statements of financial interest, and had them removed from the ballot. 

Candidates are required to hand in those statements to the Erie County election office, as well as the Erie School District.

However, they never sent those papers to the school district, so the judge removed their names from the ballot.

"I was insulted,” said Muhammad.  “I felt like I was treated like a criminal because I only came out to volunteer and serve the community, not to be subjected to a flaw in the system, and that's a flaw in the system.  In this time of technology, why do they not fax the information to the next place?”

Both Muhammad and Titus plan to run for school board as write-in candidates.

“What I'm hoping to see, is that Erie realizes that they don't have to go with the status quo,” said Titus.  “They can rise up, they can write-in, and they don't have to just accept what is being handed to them."

A total of four of the nine school board seats are up for grabs.

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