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Past vs. present highlights differences between Democrats running for Millcreek Twp. supervisor

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Sean Calhoun is just 24-years-old.

But the Millcreek native and John Carroll University graduate has served in various roles for State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro since college. Now, he wants to take that experience to become Millcreek's next township supervisor.

"It's not necessarily about the age," said Calhoun. "It's about if you're in touch with the people of Millcreek and if you're in touch with Millcreek today, not necessarily 30 years ago."

But former Millcreek Township supervisor Jess Jiuliante believes experience counts. The 64-year-old served from 1990-1995 before losing re-election. Like Calhoun, his top priority is fixing the township's roadways.

"That's the most important responsibility for the township is road maintenance and repair," said Jiuliante, who is currently retired. "I think Millcreek has fallen behind and we have to start focusing in on that."

That's also a top concern for his opponent, economic developer, Doug Massey. But -- as Massey's job title suggests -- economic stability is first for the 47-year-old.

"Some of the solutions that I would propose would be looking at the enterprise zone structures we have currently," said Massey, who also cited LERTA programs as an economic stimulus.

All three candidates would be open to investing more money into Millcreek's five volunteer fire departments. But they want to see the findings from the township's newly-formed fire commission before deciding on how much additional funding should be provided.

Like their Republican counterparts, the three Democratic candidates are open to doubling the number of meetings supervisors have each month, from two to four. But they say they'll leave that to voters.

The six candidates between both parties are vying to replace outgoing Millcreek Twp. Supervisor Brian McGrath, who will retire at the end of this year and will not seek a fifth term.

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