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Bock & Jiuliante Win Party Nominees for Millcreek Supervisor

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In Millcreek, three Republicans and three Democrats were vying for the chance, to compete for a single township supervisor seat.

Jim Bock took home the Republican nominee, with 43 percent of the vote.

On the Democratic side, Jess Jiuliante with an impressive night. The winner in the fall will replace current township supervisor Brian McGrath, who has decided to retire.

Bock had a nice crowd of supporters gathering to enjoying the victory at the Elk Lounge. He has largely campaigned that he will implement an open door policy and that he will be focusing on a comprehensive plan for the police unit. 

Over at a relatives house, several family and friends were waiting for the arrival of Jess Jiuliante. The main focus for Jiuliante, is the roads in the township and that he wants the supervisors meetings to go back to weekly, so they can better address the communities needs.

Both men looking forward to the general election in November.

"It's been a real grassroots effort. The entire family has been involved and I've had lots of friends, and it's just been a lot of hard work on them especially. It's been really a good experience," said Bock.

"I just want to thank all of the voters in Millcreek Township who voted for me. I'm deeply appreciative of their votes and it's a nice victory," said Jiuliante.

Township Supervisor Millcreek Township Results

  • Sean Calhoun (DEM) -- 1885 -- 37.25%
  • Jess Jiuliante (DEM) -- 2069 -- 40.89%
  • Doug Massey (DEM) -- 1057 -- 20.89%

  • Jim Bock (REP) -- 1778 -- 42.18%
  • George Hazuda (REP) -- 1119 -- 26.55%
  • Kirk McCaslin (REP) -- 1262 -- 29.94%

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