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Schember Wins Democratic Nomination for Erie Mayor

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The winner in last night's Democratic primary for Erie Mayor says he is ready to start campaigning for the fall election.  Joe Schember won the nomination last night over six other candidates and led from start to finish.

He thanked his supporters at a celebration party at the Nuova Aurora Club. He said it was their hard work that secured the victory. Schember said he also believes that an extensive door to door campaign also helped with the win.

Democrats have a large registration edge in the City of Erie, but the former PNC Bank executive says he is not taking anything for granted as he prepares for the General Election in November.

"Absolutely nothing will be taken for granted. I'm going to work just as hard. Believe me, campaigning is all consuming from the minute you get up to the minute you go to bed.  You're doing something related to the campaign.  I worked hard 40 years at the bank, but I never worked this hard in my life," Schember said.

Schember said he had a feeling he had a good chance to win after visiting several polling places throughout the city yesterday.###

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