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Fire in Rubbish Pile Spread to Belle Road Barn

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Belle Road barn destroyed by fire Belle Road barn destroyed by fire

A 100-year-old barn on Belle Road in Harborcreek went up in flames late Sunday afternoon. A neighbor first spotted the fire just after 5:00 p.m. and called for help.

The barn at Langdon Farms is located in the 7700 block of Belle Road, near Davison Road. Harborcreek Fire Chief Charlie Ramsey told Erie News Now that the owners were burning a rubbish pile outside the barn, when that fire got out of control and spread to the barn.

The barn went up in flames quickly. It was fully engulfed when firefighters arrive. Harborcreek volunteers were assisted by Greenfield Township, Fairfield Hose, Brookside, Fuller Hose in North East and Emergycare.  About thirty firefighters were on the scene at the height of the fire.

The chief said a sheet metal roof collapsed complicating the firefight.  They focused on preventing the flames from spreading to the house nearby. "On arrival we found the barn was fully involved with exposure to multiple parts of the house. The first crews on scene protected the house and the rest of the rigs extinguished the barn fire," Chief Ramsey said.

The Langdons buy and sell fruit from other farmers.  According to Chief Ramsey, there were no animals in the barn, it was mostly produce.  No one was hurt in the firefight. The chief says the property is insured. 


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