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GE Transportation Hosts Youth Empowerment Summit

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Youth Empowerment Summit Youth Empowerment Summit

More than 50 students from Erie High School and Collegiate Academy today took part in GE's annual Dare to Dream youth summit.

GE employees organized the day long motivational workshop designed to improve the academic performance and community involvement of students.

Activities include a bridge building exercise to stress teamwork.

And helping the young people find their voice on key issues facing the Erie community.

Organizers say the teens have plenty of potential.

They just need encouragement.

Margaret Dieudonne of GE Transportation's African American Forum said, "So that is what I want to be here to say, you guys have got this. You just need the right tools to be able to communicate your voice clearly, effectively and make change happen."

This was the 7th year in a row that GE Transportation has hosted the youth summit.

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