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Eriez Magnetics Hosts 2017 Business Conference as Company Celebrates 75 Years

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Eriez Magnetics hosts 2017 business conference Eriez Magnetics hosts 2017 business conference

Eriez Magnetics is hosting sales representatives from around the globe at a business conference in Erie, as the locally founded company celebrates its 75th anniversary. The sales representatives are here from North and South America and from as far away as Egypt and Australia. They're learning about the company's plans for the future, checking out the inventory and taking tours of the manufacturing plant on Asbury Road. 

Eriez is recognized as the world authority in separation technologies.  Their business is focused on taking contaminants out of everything from food and pharmaceuticals, to textiles and plastics.The company has ten manufacturing facilities around the globe, including the two main plants in Erie, the headquarters at Asbury Road on the west side and a newer location on Wager Road off Route 8.

Eriez employs more than 300 people in Erie and 800 people world-wide.  Vice President of Sales and Marketing Charlie Ingram said Eriez continues to grow but its commitment to the Erie region is unchanged. "We export around the world from Erie, we've been growing our second shift recently because of expanding developments and growth in some of our major product lines that are made here, and we see that as a good opportunity for the future," Ingram said. "We've been here for 75 years and plan to be here for another 75 and a lot longer," he added.  

The company also has invested a million dollars in new laser technology at the plant, a sign of its commitment to Erie.  "We have a funny phrase we use every year," Ingram said. "This year it would be 75-years-old and still living at home," he laughed.

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