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Saegertown native hid underneath the stage during mass shooting at Las Vegas music festival

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Randy Shaffer was near the stage of the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas Sunday night when the gunfire began.

"The first instinct is that we just needed to get out of there," Shaffer told Nashville, Tenn. NBC affiliate WSMV-TV Monday afternoon.

The Saegertown native now lives in Nashville and works in video production for country music artist Dylan Schneider, who performed Sunday afternoon during the third and final day of the outdoor country music festival. Shaffer said he heard the bullets ricocheting around him.

"We dove underneath the front of the stage and started to crawl back through there and just laid on the ground," Shaffer said.

Shaffer and the rest of his team were staying in the Mandalay Bay, the same hotel where the shooter -- identified as Stephen Paddock, 64, -- fired hundreds of rounds into the crowd of an estimated 22,000 people.

"Not knowing where to run, it felt like we were trapped because you didn't know if you were heading in the right direction or where the shooting was going on," he said.

The tragedy began unfolding just moments after country star Jason Aldean began his set, around 10p.m. PDT. Shaffer had been working during the festival earlier that day.

After crawling from the stage, he ended up backstage and hid under a "beverage truck."

"I got to an area that had paramedics," Shaffer said. "That's when I started seeing body bags and people being dragged."

Shaffer says he and the band are safe, now staying at another nearby hotel.

It's unclear when he will be able to return to Nashville after flights in and out of Las Vegas have been cancelled due to the shooting. Shaffer says it's likely Wednesday, but that's uncertain.

"We just kind of keep running through the events and realizing the situation we were in when everything was going on, and how lucky we are," he said.

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