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Millcreek's Hanlon Sports Complex Nearing Completion

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Things are just about complete at the new Hanlon Sports Complex, but there are still some finishing touches that need to be made before it can open.

The complex originally was on track to open by the end of September, but it appears they have encountered yet another setback on that.

Erie news now had an opportunity to walk around the facility yesterday with Millcreek Superintendent, Bill Hall. Hall says, that this project is in the final leg and hopes it can come together soon.

When we stopped by, crews were just finishing up painting the lines on the outdoor basketball courts, a new addition here to the complex. The tennis courts have also been re-finished and are ready to go.

Hall added that they still need to re-pave the parking lots, and install parking bumpers. They also need to come up with a fence to keep people from driving onto the playing surface and that is expected to take a few weeks.

Halls says it's been a long time coming on this project, but it's worth the wait.

"It's been a challenge, it hasn't gone very smoothly but we've pulled it together and we've worked together.” Hall said.

“This is a facility that is going to be the corner stone for this district for many years to come. It's been worth the wait and it has come with some angst but generally things do that are worth having,” said Hall.

Hall added that as of right now there is still no date set for a grand opening, he was hoping to have it open sometime in October, but that may be pushed back until the spring.

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