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Summit Township Holds Open House for Residents on Comprehensive Plan

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Statistics and graphs lined the walls of Summit Township's Municipal building Tuesday, showcasing the township's population growth, opportunities for expansion, and demographics.   

"These numbers are showing, with a certain amount of population growth, a certain percentage, this is how many people we'll have. Do we want that? Do we want to be bigger, or smaller? To give folks ideas," explained Nancy Agostine, Summit Township Supervisor and Director of Land Development.

Township officials held an open house for residents and business owners, as they try to narrow down the main points of the comprehensive plan.

They chose Environmental Planning and Design, a firm out of Pittsburgh to provide recommendations and assist in implementing the plan.

""They're looking at things like land use, transportation, whether it's cars and trucks, transits buses, pedestrians, bicycles, parks and recreations, sewer service, water service. All the ingredients that make up a community," said Andrew Schwartz, Managing Principal for Enviornmental Planning and Design.

Already the township has received several comments from the community, one of the main ones is concern over traffic near Interstate 90.

"With all of the amenities we have on Peach Street, the reason they're there is because of the traffic. But when you have 23,000 cars a day, you really have to be able to move them through," said Agostine.

Other comments have included adding bike paths and trails for residents, and preserving its green landscape.

The comprehensive plan is estimated to be finished in about six months. 

If you couldn't attend the meeting, they have a survey available for you to fill out. You can find it at the township building or on the township's website.

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