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Friday Night Feature: Fashionistas Talk About Fashion Forward Fall Event

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ERIE, Pa. -

Eighteen Fashion majors from Mercyhurst University have spent their entire fall semester preparing for one big event that's just one week from taking place.

The "Fall Into Fashion" event combines the students fashion instincts and skills, with real-life business, marketing, PR, and communications abilities in order to put together the event.

Sophomores, Ashley Ferrari and Katie Summers joined Erie News Now as this week's Friday Night Feature, to talk about the work that goes in to an event such as this.

For both girls, this is the first time they have worked on a fashion project of this capacity. Eager to do their best, the two see how this fashion show is beneficial to not only the community, but also for networking, relationship building, and resume building in the fashion workforce. The girls are full of ambition, as they have worked hard to put all the necessary pieces together for the "Fall Into Fashion" event.

At the event, guests will receive a 20% off coupon that they can use at Pointe Foure Vintage Boutique, where the event is taking place.

The show will be taking place Friday, November 10th, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

Pointe Foure Vintage Boutique is located at 2508 Peach St, Eire, Pa, 16502.

An array of raffles will also be featured at this event.

The team of students are also thrilled to have generous donors throughout the community to help their event. These donors include Ambridge Rose Spa & Salon, Pop Luck Gourmet Popcorn, and Iron Empire Clothing.

For ticket information and to learn more about the "Fall Into Fashion" event, you can visit their Facebook page.

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