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Annual Move the Mountain Food Drive

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As the holidays approach, local food pantries are looking to stock their shelves.  Out in North East on Saturday, the community came together to do just that.

Alice Davis is one of the founders of the Move the Mountain Food Drive in North East.  She was part of a sewing group that used space at the North East Community Food Pantry.

"Just talking while we were sewing, and coming up with the idea, finding out how many people in our own town needed help, says Alice.

Thirteen years from its start, volunteers packed the Crescent Hose Fire Department to sort donations given throughout the North East community.  Between local volunteers, girl scouts, boy scouts, and even the Lake Erie Eagles hockey team, theres no shortage of help.

"One day you may need the help yourself.  You know, it feels so good to give back.... And everyone has something to offer, even if it's not a canned good, or food, it's conversation, says Melissa Garfield, an organizer.

The goal for the food drive is to always fill the Welch's truck.  And the truck is actually a pretty significant factor why it's called Move the Mountain.

"To move a mountain sounds impossible, and that's how we came up with it, to fill that semi.  And every year it had got better, and better, and better, Alice.

The North East Community Food Pantry serves about 250 families a month, and its completely funded by volunteers and donations.

"There's been times that I believe the Second Harvest helps out our pantry if we're vitally short on product, but otherwise everything that our pantry uses is strictly from the drives that are done here, says Corey Hansen, an organizer.

For drive co-founder and pantry volunteer, Alice, she knows first-hand how much those on the receiving end are appreciative.

"Ninety-nine percent of them are so gracious, and love what we're doing for them.  They don't want to be there.  Many of them are embarrassed...And my heart hurts for them, but my heart is very happy that the food pantry is there, she says.

Dont forget about the annual Holiday Food Drive put on by Lilly Broadcasting, benefiting the Second Harvest Food Bank.

Things kick off a 6 a.m. on Wednesday, November 15th, and goes until 6 p.m.

Food Drive Locations

  • Erie (WICU/WSEE Studios)
  • Millcreek (Harley-Davidson of Erie)
  • Meadville (The Meadville Tribune)
  • Warren (Northwest Savings Bank)
  • Corry (Northwest Savings Bank)
  • Titusville (Family Video)
  • Waterford (Tops Market)
  • Edinboro (Nick’s Place)
  • East Springfield (Federated Church)

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