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Heavy Rains Flood Roads, Strand Driver

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Many people across the Erie area had to act fast as flood waters rose Sunday night.

Public works crews were working swiftly to open up drains and sewer grates, including one at East 38th and Perry where the water was collecting.

Homeowners dealt with flooding in their basements, including the owner of a home on West 23rd Street. He said three feet of water rushed into his basement, which was recently renovated because of flooding more than a year ago.

Several feet of water collected along busy streets and forced drivers to turn around.

One man's car stalled in high water near West 38th and Glenwood Park Ave.

"I just came around the corner, and I was pretty much in it before I ever saw it," said Ian Bowers. "I got struck and then just started to float. My engine cut out as I got into the deeper parts. It just started to float. I hit the curb a little bit up there. It's down a bit from where it was. I just got kind of stuck there for about 25 to 30 minutes."

He waited more than a hour for help to arrive in order to start his car.

While he was waiting, he flagged down other motorists and warned them not to travel through high water.

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