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Millcreek Township, City of Erie still cleaning up damage from tornado

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"All of a sudden we heard things pelting the side of our house," said Jennifer Parker.

Parker described the sound of the tornado snapping trees on their property on Hastings Road and Regent Street in West Millcreek. Once sure the tornado had passed, they began to survey the damage outside.

"Our house was not hit but we lost seven very, very large trees, and our power," explained Parker.

Roofs damaged, trees down, and power outages struck their neighborhood, but they weren't the only ones in Millcreek Township, or the City of Erie still cleaning up Monday night.

Emergency and utility crews were working for hours, trying to restore power and clear roadways. For emergency crews the calls began Sunday evening, right as the storm began to hit. 

West Ridge Fire Department estimating they responded to about 30 calls over the night alone.

"Between six and six thirty last night. Original calls were for trees and power lines down," explained Chief Dan Ouellet of the West Ridge Fire Department.

"We had everybody on board, everybody was working last night. We even had to call in some overtime. Situations like this you have to do what you have to do," said Chief Guy Santone, of the City of Erie Fire Department.

In Millcreek Township, officials enacted the disaster declaration for emergency assistance that allows the township to immediately ask for assistance from the county or state emergency management team. 

"Our streets department crews needed some extra assistance in getting some of these trees out of the way. Although they are very, very capable and able to move debris, many of these trees were still upright, so we needed to have professional help come in to get rid of them, so that nobody got hurt," said Matthew Exley, Emergency Management Coordinator for Millcreek Township.

For some homeowners, it's going to take more than the streets crew to clean up the damage.

"It's been over 12 hours since they started cleaning up, and we still have a ways to go," said Parker.

Exley recommends if you have property damage, contact your insurance company. 

If you need to report damage in Millcreek Township, email: Millcreek Township is collecting photos of the damage to layout the impact of this storm. You can also call at 833-1303 to report your damage.

For City of Erie contact information:

American Red Cross contact:

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