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Many Crawford County Roads Still Closed; More Reopen in Northwestern Pennsylvania

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The following roads have reopened as of 4 p.m. Tuesday:

  • Route 2008 (Wilson Shute Road) is open in Union Township, Crawford County.
  • Route 6 eastbound and westbound (Smock Bridge) is open in the City of Meadville, but traffic is restricted to one lane westbound near Linden Street and one lane eastbound near Willow Street.
  • Route 2001 (French Creek Road) is open in LeBoeuf Township, Erie County.
  • Route 4019 (Methodist Road) is open Sugar Grove Township, Mercer County.
  • Route 3014 (Kane Road) is open Pittsfield Township, Warren County.
  • Route 4001 (Piccadilly Hill Road/Scotts Crossing Road/ Sample Flats Road) is open in Columbus Township, Warren County.

Several other roads in northwest Pennsylvania remain closed due to flooding.

Crawford County

  • Route 322 is closed from Route 6 in the City of Meadville to Franklin Pike in West Mead Township.
  • Route 2040 (Spring Street) is closed from Route 102 to Lincoln Avenue in the City of Meadville.
  • Route 1016 (Mackey Hill Road/Miller Station Road/Brown Hill Road) is closed from Route 6 in Cambridge Township to Miller Hill Road in Rockdale Township.
  • Route 1014 (Johnston Road) is closed from Route 408 to Brown Hill Road in Rockdale Township.

Forest County

  • Route 3004 (Nebraska Road) is closed from German Hill Road to Sage Road in Green Township.

The affected roads will reopen when conditions improve.

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