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WATCH: Tuesday's Highlights from Winter Olympics

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Medal Winning Performances

Shaun White breaks down after winning gold | Watch »

Shaun White wins halfpipe gold with epic final run | Watch »


Shaun White goes huge on first halfpipe run, takes lead | Watch »

Shaun White sorry for taking until third run to win | Watch »

USA's Ben Ferguson takes 4th place after great halfpipe run | Watch »

USA's Chase Josey finishes sixth in snowboard halfpipe | Watch »

USA's Jake Pates finishes eighth in snowboard halfpipe | Watch »


USA's Shaun White seeks redemption | Watch »


Shaun White falls in second run of halfpipe final | Watch »

Scotty James falls on third run, settles for bronze | Watch »

Ayumu Hirano falls halfway through promising first run | Watch »

Yuto Totsuka crashes during first run in halfpipe final | Watch »

Olympic Zone

Best of the best from Day 4 | Watch »

A look at highlights from Monday’s Olympics competition.

The hottest souvenirs this Olympics | Watch »

Olympics souvenirs are almost as popular as the events themselves. NBC's Natalie Morales gets the scoop on this year's hottest items at the games.

Exploring the best activities PyeongChang has to offer | Watch »

NBC's Dylan Dreyer takes a look at fun things to do in PyeongChang.

Julia Mancuso and Shaun White talk Olympics over air hockey | Watch »

Julia Mancuso sits down with Shaun White to discuss what motivated him to return to snowboarding after an underwhelming performance in Sochi. The two also battle it out in an intense game of air hockey.

Alexa, Chris Knierim soak in the moment on Valentine's Day | Watch »

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