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Titusville Structure Fire Ruled as Undetermined

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For Arcade Restaurant owner Missy Wescoat, the past several days have been filled with mixed emotions.

"The shock wore off,” said Wescoat.  “Of course, there's been some tears, but we are putting it back together."

Last Thursday, fire engulfed her neighboring building on Diamond Street in Titusville.

Firefighters kept the fire from spreading to Wescoats restaurant, but extensive water damage has forced her to temporarily close.

"There was a lot of water damage.” said Wescoat.  “We were lucky we didn't get any of the fire, but I never realized how much water did."

On Monday, investigators from several agencies were back at the scene, examining the extensive damage to the building.

According to Titusville Fire Chief Joe Lamey, investigators ruled the cause as undetermined.

It's the second large fire to break out in downtown Titusville, in the past month.

The other fire happened on January 17, inside of the building which housed Maria's Pizza & Italian Restaurant and the former New Life Care Center.

Chief Lamey says both buildings will most likely need to be torn down.

"It's my opinion that they are beyond probably what anyone is going to be willing to pay to put back in them, to keep them standing." said Chief Lamey.

As of right now, Chief Lamey says it does not appear that the two fires are in any way related.

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