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Inmate Charged in Fatal Beating Faces First-Degree Murder

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An SCI Albion inmate, who is already serving two life sentences for first-degree murder, now faces a third count for the same charge.

Kareem Savage, 29, is accused of attacking fellow inmate Anthony Wilson, 58, who later died from his injuries.

On Thursday, Erie County Assistant District Attorney Jeremy Lightner announced that the Commonwealth is charging Savage with first-degree murder.

It happened on September 1, of 2016, at SCI Albion.

Prosecutors say Savage attacked Wilson and repeatedly kicked and stomped on his head.

Wilson died about three months later.

If convicted, this will be Savage's fourth murder conviction.

Reports out of Philadelphia indicate that Savage was convicted on two counts of first-degree murder, for killing a youth basketball organizer and a teenager.

It happened during an award ceremony at a playground in Philadelphia, back in 2008.

Savage was also convicted on a separate count of third-degree murder, and sentenced an additional 20 to 40 years in prison.

In the Albion case, three other inmates, identified as Antwan Sheppard, 30; Jordan Spoonhour, 32; and Shane Jones-Coleman, 27, are also charged with attacking another inmate at the same time.

The inmate, 51-year-old Rosco Brown, suffered a concussion and facial injuries.

Lightner is asking to have all four men tried at the same time.

Lawyer Bruce Sandmeyer is representing Savage.

Judge John J. Mead is presiding over the case.

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