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Thousands Left in Dark Due to Power Outages

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POWER OUTAGE UPDATE: 2,101 Penelec customers in Erie County remain without power as of 6:27 p.m.

City of Erie - 245
Fairview Twp. - 368
Girard Twp. - 112
Millcreek Twp. - 377
North East Twp. - 102
Springfield Twp. - 204
Summit Twp. - 213
Waterford Twp. - 100

Penelec crews have been working around the clock to restore power throughout the area.

Outages are expected to continue into the weekend where damage is most severe, so some residents could be in the dark for another day or two, according to Penelec spokesman Scott Surgeoner.

More than 28,000 customers lost power at some point.

Along with the heavy snow, Penelec crews have also been battling with the wind, which has caused many issues throughout the area.

Firefighters had to close off part of West 8th Street near Strong Vincent for sometime due to a downed power line. 

It's the same case for many streets throughout the area.

The slick road conditions have also been a problem, especially Friday morning for Penelec crews who have been working ever since the storm hit Thursday night.

Surgeoner urges anyone who is experiencing an outage to report it.

"Don't count on your neighbor calling, or believe that someone across the street may have called," said Surgeoner. "If you experience an outage, call the company and report that outage. You can do that without even speaking to a person. That helps the restoration process immensely."

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