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State Sen. Wagner Calls for Mandatory Death Sentences for School Shooters

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Pennsylvania state senator and gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner is calling for mandatory death sentences for anyone who shoots and kills people at a school.

Sen. Wagner spoke to the Pennsylvania Press Club Monday night. He said when he is elected, there will be no mercy for school shooters. 

"Lastly, I have a very bold message, for any coward who is deranged enough to consider attacking our children at school, when I am governor, these cowards will pay the ultimate price. Today I am introducing legislation in the senate which would make any school shooting that results in the death of a child or any other person on school grounds a mandatory death sentence. No plea bargains, no life sentences, and no mercy. Let me make the message crystal clear: If someone kills one of our children, we will kill them. We have failed our children, their parents, their siblings and survivors too often. As governor, I will not fail them. But if a tragedy like this happened in Pennsylvania, Governor Wolf would fail these families."

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