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Public hearing to oppose proposed Penelec surcharges this Tuesday

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A public hearing for those against a possible Penelec surcharge will be held this Tuesday

Two weeks ago, consumer activist, Ken Springirth, and state rep. Pat Harkins announced they would push for a Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (or PUC) hearing, so they, and others could share their opposition to their proposal. And now they have their shot.

Erie News Now spoke with Springirth Sunday as he pushed the importance of strength in numbers ahead of Tuesdays hearing.

Last month, the PUC proposed a possible $1.50 surcharge to customers who do not shop for an electric supplier.

            Springirth, and Representative Harkins argue a surcharge could be misleading as it could force a consumer into a market which may not save them as much money as advertised.

Springirth tells Erie News Now the market, known as "consumer choice", can be beneficial to a consumer, but only if it's simplified.

He says he's gathered a group of people in the area to oppose the surcharge, and to ask that consumer choice be refined. He says it is the only hearing being held throughout Penelec's customer range.


Springirth says his group will need more to show up to really drive home their case.

“This is our time, if we have a good turnout, and people are focused, we have the ability to change the course of history.” Springirth said “I know a lot of people get discouraged. Does government really listen? This is our chance to show that we are on top of things, and Erie people have been very resilient”

Both representatives from PUC and Penelec will be present at the hearings. Those start at one p.m. and six p.m. on Tuesday, at the Erie Blasco Library.

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