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Local Korean Expert Worries About High Expectations in Planned Meeting Between Trump and Leader of North Korea

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A Korean expert at Mercyhurst University says he is cautiously optimistic about plans for President Trump to meet face to face with North Korea's leader.

Michael Lammbrau is an assistant professor of intelligence studies.

He said he welcomes the proposed high level meeting.

But after spending four years as a Korean lingquist and many years studying in South Korea.

He is concerned about high expectations for the talks, and either leader losing face.

he said that could be a dangerous situation.

Lammbrau said, "Getting the agreement is a win-win situation is better than a zero sum game. If you are playing a zero sum game when someone wins and someone loses, then all of a sudden someone loses, then someone will be upset, frustrated and possibly losing face which is sort of an unforgivable sin."

Lammbrau says he expects the North Koreans to use the meeting to prop up their regime on the world stage.

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