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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How many television stations come out of your studios?

Lilly Broadcasting operates five television stations here in Erie.

  • WICU 12 (NBC)
  • WSEE (CBS)
  • Erie Pennsylvania CW
  • OneCaribbean Television: News, weather and entertainment channel shown in more than 30 Caribbean countries.
  • CBS Puerto Rico

What is your mailing address?

 3514 State Street | Erie, PA 16508

How can I reach someone by phone?

List of names and extensions

How do I get a copy of a show or segment?

Contact News Tracks at 814.898.0377.

How do I get to the station?

Directions from I-90

  • Get off the Interstate at the Route 97 (Presque Isle Downs) exit and head north.
  • Stay left when you get to a fork in the road and continue until you hit East 38th Street.
  • Turn left on East 38th Street for 3 blocks until you hit the light at State Street.
  • Turn right and the studios will be on the left after three blocks.

Directions from I-79

  • Get off the Interstate at the West 26th Street exit and travel east (right).
  • You will travel some twenty red lights (2.5 miles) eventually going down a hill to Veterans Stadium.
  • That is the State Street intersection of 26th Street. A third road converges there so when you turn right take the second right closest to the stadium going up the hill and past the school. Continue straight through the stop sign at the top of the hill (after stopping, of course).
  • The studios will be on the right after an additional five blocks.

What if I have a complaint about one of the local stations?

(814) 454-5201 or email
  • News-ext. 1
  • Engineering-ext. 837
  • Programming-ext. 8

How do I submit an event to the Event Calendar?

Click here to submit an event This link will take you to a form in which you can then submit events for consideration. We try to approve as many as we can but remember we do reserve the right to refuse any request that is not deemed to be of community interest. Please allow 1 or 2 days for your request to post on the Community Calendar on our website. Some requests are then also featured on TV.

How can I submit photos and videos to your website?

You can easily send photos and videos right from your phone or computer by emailing them to or

How do I set up a tour of the studios for my group?

To request a station tour, please send an e-mail to or fax your request to 814-454-3753. Be sure to provide your name, number and the organization you represent. Be sure to mention any specific areas of the station you would like to see. We'll get in touch with you to schedule the visit.

How do I get a news anchor/meteorologist to come speak to our group?

Go to our contact page to see the individual email addresses for our staff members. Find the person with whom you would like to invite to the event and send the request directly. Please understand our staff members attend these events on their own time and may not be able to attend every event for which they are requested. We try our best to accommodate what we can.

Who do I talk to when my favorite NBC/CBS show is off the air because of a national news event?

Interruptions of NBC Network Programming for specials are solely determined by NBC News. If you have questions about NBC News try

Interruptions of CBS Network Programming for News Events are determined by CBS News. If you have questions about CBS News interruptions you can call CBS Audience Services at 212-975-4321 or email

How do I contact NBC in New York?

NBC Nightly News, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112 (212) 664-4971

How do I contact CBS in New York?

CBS Television Network 51 West 52nd Street New York, NY 10019
212-975-3247 – CBS Audience Services or via email at

Who do I talk to when the station does not show the game that I want?

NFL Football:

You should understand that games are determined on a regional basis by the NFL in conjunction with CBS.

NBC currently airs the national Sunday night game also determined by the network and the NFL.

The local station has little say in what is aired nationally with some rare exceptions. Erie is in the Buffalo market and those games will come first here regardless of team record or state location when circumstance dictates. If you would like further explanation:
You can write the National Football League:

280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017


CBS Television Network:
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

College Football

CBS is contractually obligated to air SEC football games which are determined by CBS and the Southeastern Conference. NBC is contractually obligated to air games with Notre Dame.

College Basketball

Teams for NCAA basketball games are determined by the NCAA and CBS. Those games don't usually interrupt regularly scheduled programming with the exception of games that run late and of course the NCAA Tournament in March which is shown in the place of regular programming for two consecutive weeks.

Where do I send a story idea or press release?

Send along the information here.

Email: or
Fax: 814-454-3753
Phone: 814-454-5201 ext. 6

Who do I contact if I need additional information concerning advertisement on Lilly Broadcasting stations?

You may contact Matt Filippi at 454-5201 or email at

If you have a question about a specific ad, the more information that you can provide including day, time, and company, the better the chance we may be able to assist.

How do I reach a particular person?

List of names and extensions

Where do I send a Public Service Announcement?

We can only accept local PSAs due to limited schedule space.

Please mail DVD or Beta SP format to the station: c/o Paula Randolph | 3514 State Street | Erie, PA 16508

If you are off the air, why don't you put up a sign that says you're off the air?

Technical problems are a fact of life in the television business. We really try to maintain our equipment so it does not happen often. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for repairs to be made before calling the station. If the outage is widespread, imagine how many calls we are getting!

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  • Rescan your TV to find WSEE

    Rescan your TV to find WSEE

    Thursday, March 23 2017 10:27 AM EDT2017-03-23 14:27:10 GMT
    Thursday, March 23 2017 11:17 AM EDT2017-03-23 15:17:36 GMT

    We recently altered our local channel line-up and moved WSEE to it's old channel position - channel 35.  The best way to find WSEE again is to use your television's automatic scanning feature. Only antenna users (over the air) should have experienced this change.

    More >>

    The best way to find WSEE again is to use your television's automatic scanning feature. Only antenna users (over the air) should have experienced this change.

    More >>
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