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Seaway Window Providing Clarity on Energy Efficiency

Seaway Window in Erie has always been in Erie, and that's exactly how they like it.

"We're connected to the community.  A lot of us have been born and raised here.  It is very important and we're very proud of it," said sales and marketing director Paul Komorowski. 

They started out in 1959 as an aluminum window and door manufacturer.  Today they employ around 150 people and sell to 22 different states.  For the past eight years they've also become installers.

"We like to say continuous responsibility.  From the moment it is made to the moment we install it into your home and even beyond that we service the product," said Komorowski. 

The employees start by assembling the windows piece by piece.  Then they either ship the windows out of town or install them on their own at the job site.  And installing new windows usually means becoming more energy efficient.

"It's a huge thing.  People are looking to save money anywhere including their gas.  It just helps all around," said installer Mike Goodson. 

They say, so many customers have decided to become more efficient in the past three or four years, their business has taken off.  It's even received national recognition.

"Last year we had the energy secretary of the United States, Dr. Steven Chu, come visit our facility and designated us as an energy efficient manufacturer of high quality replacement windows," said Komorowski. 

For Goodson, recognition is the best part of the job.

"That's what I love about this company.  We take a lot of pride.  As soon as somebody does something wrong, or we do something really well, we have customers writing us letters all the time letting us know how great we were and how comfortable they were letting Seaway come to their house." he said.

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