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Week 7: "Cardio, strength, cardio, strength"

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Run. Run. Hoist over an obstacle. Run. Down on the ground. Run. Fall. Run.

The race is going to go a little something like this, so this week my training mimicked the quick switch from running to obstacles, by inserting the arch trainer between every circuit. It was cardio, strength, cardio, strength, and so on.

I do prefer the arch trainer (similar to an elliptical) to running on pavement, much less sand running. It's way less impact which is good for my knees and hips as they continue to overcome their issues. My IT band has still been acting up, but I've found that if I run pretty slow I can push out some extra mileage, although at this point I'm still pretty nervous about how my joints will respond to a grueling twelve plus miles.

The good and bad thing about the arch trainer is that you can turn up the resistance and incline to get the feeling of hills and sand dunes. By this I mean it's good for training but bad for me, since Lisa is in constant control of the dials.

I would hop on the trainer for two to four minutes between circuits- I know what you're thinking, "wow that sounds like nothing, suck it up!" but I'm telling you, after your muscles have been expended and exhausted it's hard to recover quickly and jump into a climb. Try it!

So I did this maybe eight or so times, each circuit involving different muscles and challenges. For some exercised I used the machines, like the leg pull you'll see in the slideshow, and for some I used body weight, like for push ups and planks, and plank-push ups. I bet you'd like to know what those are. First and foremost, they are near impossible.

I held a 30 second straight-arm plank on an upside down half ball (refer to photo) so it was unstable to begin with. Then I had to do five pushups still with my hands on the half-ball, so it was kind of a tricep push up since I couldn't spread my hands very far. Ouch. No resting allowed, though, because then I had to hold another 30 second plank, followed by five more pushups, then repeat again. I kind of majorly failed at this one, but I kept trying until the end, which I think is the important part!

As always, check out the slideshow to see what else Lisa had me do this week, and always feel free to email me at ewelsh@wicu12.com.

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