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Week 11: Little Burms, Big Burn

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 My shoulder is feeling much better, although it's still a little sore. Lisa had heard that I actually tore something and texted me in a panic but I was happy to report that as far as I know nothing is torn and I'm able to do pushups!

 We still took it easy on the arms this week, just to be safe. Lisa focused mainly on leg strength, and continued to incorporate cardio with the arc trainer, jumping and plyometric moves.

 Speaking of cardio, while on the arc trainer we simulated the "little burms" that will be on the course. I guess they're like mini sand dunes. Lisa said there will be 15 of them in a row on the course, so we simulated that obstacle on the arc.

 She hiked up the resistance and incline, then took it back down, 15 times. She took it higher and higher with each consecutive "burm" to mimic how heavy it will feel as I go along… by the end, my downhill run was at the level that the uphill climb started with at the beginning (makes sense?). These little burms gave a big burn!

 I had two major signs of progress during this week's session (well, they were major to me at least). One was that I was actually able to touch my knees to my elbows multiple times while doing hanging crunches (see slideshow). When I first tried to do these I could barely get my knees half way to my elbows, and  this was the first time I accomplished the feat that at one time I thought was impossible. Next step: do it 15 times in a row!

 The second marker of progress was doing 100 flutter kicks in a row. I usually have to stop somewhere in the middle and regroup, but this week I was able to push all the way through. I'm not saying they were all pretty towards the end, but I did them. Just survive.

 Confession: I still have yet to do a real sand run. I know, I'm being a wimp, but yes I'm scared! I didn't do it last week when I said I would, so it's my goal once again this week, even if it's just for 15 minutes. I have to start somewhere, and the earlier the better! Wish me luck.

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