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Fires Destroys 3 Buildings At Warren County Camp

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The hay was still smoldering days after a fire tore through Miracle Mountain Ranch early Saturday morning, that destroyed three buildings. 

"The minute I started out my door, I heard the siren of the local volunteer fire department, Spring Creek, go off, so I just ran down," said Matt Cox, Executive Director of Miracle Mountain Ranch.

And seconds later, what he saw was devastating.

"I saw two buildings engulfed in flames. They were not the two buildings I was told were on fire, so I ran down to the other one and it was already completely in flames as well."

A hay barn, a place where horse are kept, and the Critter Coral are all a total loss. Along with the buildings equipment, six thousand barrels of hay, and a number of small animals are gone.

A sixteen year old is now suspected of arson. State police believe the teen used hay to start all three of the fires.

"To be honest with you, I didn't think that at all as far as how could someone, or who [could do this], it didn't even cross my mind," said Cox. "My big concern was the safety of people first, safety of animals second."

As a Christian camp, Cox says their main objective is to minister kids. These fires, aren't going to stop them from continuing their mission.

"We have over 50 6-8 year old kids who have been waiting all summer to come to camp and we wanted that clear, to be able to say we can have them, that we could go back to what God's called us to do."

Since the fire, the community has stepped up, doing what they can to help the ranch recover.

"People pledging money, people pledging services. It's just, I can't even tell you what a blessing that, it has just touched us and has just been amazing, overwhelming."

Cox says they will rebuild, and nothing's been canceled, camps will still continue here at Miracle Mountain Ranch. If you'd like to help in their efforts, you can click here.

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