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Roar Motorcycle Accident Still a Mystery

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There is a surprising development in the unsolved hit and run motorcycle accident at 10th and State Street that happened during the 2013 Roar on the Shore event.  We've learned that "Roar" spokeswoman Tammy Polanski was on one of the motorcycles in the intersection on Saturday night July 20, as another biker hit two pedestrians.

She's in the yellow shirt, riding on the back of her husband's bike, right next to the motorcycle that loses control. We contacted Polanski by phone.  Without hesitation, she confirmed to reporter Lisa Adams that she was there, and "out of the corner of her eye" saw the motorcyclist lay his bike down.  Polanski says her husband continued on to get out of the intersection before they stopped and looked back.  They did not believe anyone was hurt.  Polanski says she and her husband have told police all they saw.  She also says they don't know who the hit and run biker is.

Attorney W. John Knox of Knox Legal Advisors says someone does.  He represents Marvin Allen a man in his 30's hit by the mystery motorcyclist and transported to the hospital the night of the crash.  Allen suffered back injuries and four weeks after the accident, is still not able to return to work.  "You have countless witnesses, judging from that video of the accident," said Knox, "I'm guessing hundreds of people saw the impact yet we don't have any leads strong enough to formulate who the perpetrator is here."  Knox says it's very unusual to have such a clear recording of an accident, but even with that video, investigators have not been able to identify the motorcycle operator.  The glow of the tail lights obscures the license plate numbers.

Knox is pursuing a civil case and the first step is to find the person at fault.  If that's not possible, he says there are other legal avenues to pursue in what is considered a hit and run case.  He hopes someone comes forward to help Marvin Allen, a man Knox says just wants to get back to work and support his family.

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