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Decision Made In Perry Square Gun Rally Citations

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The eight individuals, cited for carrying their firearms in a gun rally in Perry Square back in June, were in court on Monday. Tuesday, the judge made his decision. 

"The ruling came back around 4 this evening," said Justin Dillion, founder of Open Carry PA. "All 8 of us are guilty."

As long as you are on the sidewalk, and have a permit, the city says you are not in violation of the ordinance. But once you step onto the grass here in Perry Square, the city says you're taking it a step too far.

But Justin Dillion doesn't agree.

"The State Law 6120, Title 18 says no county, municipality or township may in any manor, regulate the lawful ownership, possession, transportation of a firearm and firearm components while in the commonwealth while carrying legally," said Dillion. 

For some we found enjoying the park, though, they agree with the city's ordinance.

"As far as the rally they want and permits, I think it's a little ignorant to walk around with assault rifles," said Mark Myers of Erie. "We all have guns and rifles and pistols, but we don't brandish them in the park." 

Myers grew up hunting and handling guns, but says there's a time and place for them. And Perry Square is neither.

"I personally wouldn't be uneasy, but a lot of these people would. I mean come on, people do stupid things everyday with guns."

Dillion says there has never been an issue in all the rallies he's planned, and others before him.

He doesn't want to his rights, or anybody else's taken away, and he's willing to fight as long as it takes to make sure that doesn't happen.

"I am not a quitter. Just like the City of Erie apparently is not a quitter. I'll keep going to the end with this until we see a better outcome." 

The eight cited must pay a fine, ranging from $100 - $300, or face 90 days in jail. They also have the option to appeal.


Dillion said he and at least five others are planning to appeal.
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