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Under the Hat: Getting Around

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After months of haggling lawmakers in Harrisburg have agreed on a plan to fix a problem decades in the making.

Finding funding to repair Pennsylvania's crumbling road and bridge system.

The 2.3 billion dollar plan is not painless; it raises the cost of getting a license and registering a vehicle and perhaps most onerous, it also raises taxes on gasoline to some of the highest in the nation in the next four years.

There's a lot of blame to go around. A number of governors and lawmakers balked at making the tough call of finding the money to fix the problem, so the problem got worse as a result.

Now with the situation critical, the republicans who have been preaching belt tightening suddenly find themselves in a situation where the funds have to be raised.

You could argue that there are some politics at work. The gas tax will be raised over five years, which will make the impact minimal for the 2014 election.

The full force of a 25- to 28-cents per gallon increase won't be felt until 2018, when a second term Governor Corbett would be leaving office.

Still, if you believe that this is an issue that had to be addressed then going to the people who use the roads and bridges makes the most sense.

If you are one of those people who do you've probably already come to the conclusion that the crisis is real and we've run out of lag time.

There's no getting around that it cost a lot of money to get around. Finding a plan to fund repairs on an on-going basis could go a long way in easing the sticker shock Pennsylvania drivers are about to feel.

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