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Do We Believe Them ???

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   Ray Rice said his domestic abuse incident with his wife was "the biggest mistake of his life"  No kidding Ray !!  Thanks for clearing that up !! The NFL has taken a lot of flak over the suspension of Rice for only two games and he got off legally pretty well by just having to agree to go through counseling and probation. Ray says he will not be an ambassador against domestic violence and even the Ravens have stood by him.  Did the NFL send the right message with the light suspension in many people's opinion ???   

   And then there is Josh Gordon of the Browns who hopes to lighten his year long suspension by the NFL after failing another drug test.  He claims it was from "second hand marijuana smoke"  Whether it was or not takes away the fact that it's a deeper problem with Gordon, who has had problems throughout his college and NFL career.  I know Browns fans don't want to hear it, but it would be better, in my opinion if Gordon sat out a year, got some serious help and came back clean.  This was not an isolated incident and for the good of Josh Gordon, the NFL should be consider it to be either.  It should be considered an honor to play in the NFL.  The sooner Josh Gordon realizes it, the better he could be.

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