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Possible Voter Re-Count For Oligeri Campaign

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The campaigning is done and votes are cast, after a busy election day. And one of the closely watched races in Erie County is not quite over.  The "close" results in the race for Erie County Executive now has one candidate waiting until Monday to see if last nights vote count, stands. 

Democratic incumbent Kathy Dahlkemper beat Republican opponent , Art Oligeri within one percent of the final vote.  The closeness leaves open the possibility of a recount

Oligeri's campaign manager, Dennis Roddy, released a statement saying the Republican candidate "will wait" until Monday's "final" tally, to determine whether or not he wants to file for a re-count.

But is a re-count possible?

Erie News Now spoke with Erie County Clerk of Elections Doug Smith to find out.

"When a county-wide election is a couple of percents or less, the election board is gonna look at it seriously if a candidate desires a recount."said Smith

Smith says a recount is automatic in a state election, but not in a county election. The cost of recounting the votes  is estimated at $50 per precinct, but that fee could be waved given the high public interest and the importance of the position.

Smith says if Oligeri considers a recount to be necessary, he would be competing against the clock.

"Statutory speaking, a recount has to occur, I believe it's within 10 days of the election, so it's a relatively small window." said Smith "So I would expect the board would act quickly, one way or another." 

Smith also told Erie News Now that depending on what takes place on Monday, the election board may or may not re-scan the absentee ballots.

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