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Thousands Flock to Millcreek Mall for Black Friday Deals

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Black Friday is here, kicking off one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

For the next month, you can expect stores to be jam-packed with customers who are looking to purchase holiday gifts.

Thousands of shoppers flooded the Millcreek Mall today, in search of the perfect bargain.

"Everything is really cheap,” said Trinity Chamberlain.  “I'm kind of a cheap shopper, so this is my day."

While many shoppers are looking for deals on big ticket items such as electronics, appliances, and jewelry, others are more interested in the smaller items.

"I got a bunch of great deals,” said Carington Mallory.  “I got a flannel that was originally $30 for $7.99."

According to the National Retail Federation, 69 percent of Americans, or 164 million people, plan to shop this weekend through Monday.

For many, Black Friday shopping has become a tradition.

"It's been wonderful,” said Amy Barber.  “We find lots of bargains.  The stores have been well staffed.  A few grabby people, but not too many.  Generally, it's been a good day."

The average shopper is expected to spend a total of $970 on gifts this holiday season.  Those looking to spend less say it's worth braving the crowds.

 “I think a lot of people do more online now, so I think that kind of takes the crowds down a little bit." said Wendy Garbacz.

Of those shopping, the National Retail Federation says 66 percent are doing so for the deals, while 26 percent are doing it as a tradition.  The other 23 percent, are shopping simply for the fact, that it is something to do.

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